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Free soapymassage Anchorage, Alaska

free soapymassage Anchorage, Alaska

Find massage parlor asian in Anchorage, AK on Yellowbook. Get reviews and contact details for each business including videos, opening hours and more.
favorite this post Feb 2 Blue Sky Massage - Free Yourself Of Stress And Pain!! Eagle St, Anchorage) E. TUDOR RD. ANCHORAGE AK.
Sep 14, 2009  · USASexGuide > States & Cities > Alaska > Anchorage I just noticed in this week's edition that the free newspaper like I have seen on a soapymassage.

View Full Version : Massage Parlor Reports. I visit Seattle regularly, so I also follow what is happening to the Forums down there. They have a number of threads so why not up here? I hope this will help make thing easier for people to find and hopefully encourage more reports. People have complained about the General Reports Thread being taken over by CL ads,etc. But at the same time there has been little posted on the seperate Craigslist Reviews, which you have to take the extra time to get to.

I thought that by being located here it would hopefully attract more attention and users. Good Luck and Stay Safe! Got excited and everything was on. Maybe I was just lucky, at the right moment at the right time.

Happy mongering and stay safe. The CL ad is getting in my nerve so Long Live AMPs and KMPs! I saw Ti Ti sounded like Shi Shitaller for an asain, dyed brown hair, A cup with padded bra, kind of cute.

The massage was good but too rough for my liking. I refused on the upsell but barely got what I paid for at the standard rate - had to be a bit pushy to get there. This Lu Lu is plainer than the other, saggy tits, Alaska, and looked kind of chunky. Magoo I miss Juju. Never tried Lulu but might TOFTT.

Any inputs on Lulu? I like Juju better, got a big booty for a Free soapymassage Anchorage lady. I saw Lisa yesterday. Nothing new to report other than the fact that she still rocks. She even got new clothes.

For those that want more frisky and better looks and less massage go with Lucy. She is still there. She may not be as built as JuJu but she makes up for it in the effort she puts out. She is one of my all time favorites. Definitely worth more than one visit! I think Juju will be back sometimes next month.

So I guess Lulu is the only one for now in Mings II eh? I just saw a couple of postings complaining about having to pay more than just the room fee. I thought that "tipping" was standard and that the room fee goes to the "house.

Please post or PM me with your experiences regarding tipping. Any negotiating tips or? House fee mostly goes to the house. Some establishments do share a portion of the house fee with the "masseuse. Also at the places I frequent, I do not pay more than.

Tudor: Oriental massage near seward HWY and Tropic near lake otis. Please post Thanks Vitrea. Alaska experience there was good, not great. I had some very pleasant experiences at Fairbanks. She looked like she could be the "Kim" that was described here by a previous poster but she insisted she is K.

K and not Kim. Anyway, they installed horizontal supports over some beds and they now can do the massage walking on your back. K is thin and of medium height and the "walk" was very good. Her hand massage skills were She asked me what I wanted and I went for the standard. BTW, she is all natural and allows roaming. Across the street from Costco.

Great massage, Happy ending. I am off to Seattle for a week and will definately be able to get exactly what I want there. I saw her too. The one working there this week is Nana. She was reviewed here before and she used to work at the Sullivan arena location. Nana has great massage technique and Alaska finish. Higher rental cost on Dimond blvd I guess.

I saw the new girl. Some baby fat and nice titties. Not as good of a massage as Nana and more eager for the finish. But I only did a half hour. I was actually very surprised at her age when she offered it up. The massage could have been better since it was a valid reason for the visit. It seemed a bit sloppy, but I did take her up on the "walking massage" which was interesting. She walked all over the back part of my body.

She had a great attitude, english was pretty decent. I took her up on the hour which was. Not gonna go into much detail on the rest of the visit, but you can PM if you want. All in all it was a very good visit.

If you are wanting to get a good massage from her be sure to point out sore areas as she will Alaska on them for you. The place was real busy when I was there, so leave a free soapymassage Anchorage of extra time in case you have to wait and come back.

Happy hunting and be safe. Well, after reading the reviews, and finding Mings was the closest to home it shows up on google maps under massage for those looking I did my second trip to an AMP first in Cali. Good service, and I was surprised at how good she was with her hands at the end. Need to talk to someone in PM as soon as possible about Anchorage AMP please. Posting this on Friday afternoon - hopefully someone can respond? Went to Mings II for a visit. She has been replaced for the next three weeks by Jenny.

The girl is fabulous! She is very friendly, quite talented, very liberal, and she has a magnificent body. One of the very best AMP girls I have ever met. Well worth a visit! Any idea on when Juju is coming back? Man, I surely miss her, she is the best so far on all my AMP experience. Is this the same Jenny that was there before or a first timer at Mings? Yes, Jenny has been in town before, but I think it is the first time at this location. She worked at the place downtown and out near the Sullivan Arena previously.

I think she is fabulous! I went to Mings II for the first time after several visits to Mings, OT, and Yins, I was very impressed with Jenny. Her attitude looks and her massage were all great! Will go back again, Alaska. Went to Mings today, saw Tina. As previously posted a pleasant massage. There were three ladies working, a taller and a little younger lady that I requested Alaska she bowed out, saying she hurt her shoulder.

When I left she was gone, but the other girl was still there about the same stats as Tina. I tried to find Mings II, but no luck, I suspected which place it was but nothing obvious saying open on anything like that.

If someone would like to PM me and tell me what I should free soapymassage Anchorage looking for, I would appreciate it. Just a mixed of ladies with one exception a younger dark headed lady in a green hoody, was picked up before I got around the block by the holiday.

Hung around a little she never showed back up. Thanks to all the great reports from Vitrea, Cobalt Blue, etc. A little older than I usually like but there is soemthing to be said for experience. She gives a fantastic massage and has a great touch.

I will definately go back to give Lulu a try. The location put me off but is well worth finding. Yes, the location is rather weird but quite discreet.

I kinda like it. The problem I see is that they do free soapymassage Anchorage no free soapymassage Anchorage or promotion. Very few people actually know they are there.

I think it really cuts down on the business they do. I saw Jenny again today and in the limited conversation which is possible she seemed to say that very few customers are coming in.

I wonder if they will stay in business there. Would be a shame it it closed as I have always liked the girls they get there. Make some time to see her. Stopped in at Mings last night and met "April". New girl who has been there four days.

English is way above average for Mings. Looks, body, free soapymassage Anchorage, and service also way above average, although a tad "businesslike".

I think it helped a lot that Connie knew me and told her I was OK. About the first thing she said was "Everything for you". Lisa was busy but she came out to greet me. New girl Bee is there. Lisa said she gives a very good massage but I passed. I drove to the place opposite Costco. Nana is no longer there. I was told she is gone for good, free soapymassage Anchorage. Vitrea I went to mings II thanks for the directionsbut they were busy.

Short on time I went to Mings and I concur with Magicmark. She seemed to have loosened up a bit since his visit. Was a good experience. Took another visit there. No extras, nada, zilch. Still, Alaska, the girl shi shi? Why the hell should I tip for substandard service? Did I miss something here?? Bummer - I had high hopes for that place. Might be hit and miss depending on the gal? Be safe, Magoo Mings I. Had Connie over four months and so ago at Mings I before she went back to China.

Does she still give massages, etc or is she a Mamasan now? Tried Jenny at Mings II several weeks ago, Alaska, not my type and looks older but very good and firm massage. Went for a standard HJ finish, cost me. Might TOFTT Lulu one of this day. Alaska reports to cum. It really depends on the lady. I spoke to Lisa the next time and she said that each lady is different and does different kinds of massages. The last lady I saw there just took what I offered and seemed satisfied.

It happened by chance and I ended up with Lucy at the flip and she was fantastic. I will lancaster pa happy ending massage Columbus, Georgia to call and see who is working.

I enjoyed Jenny there is something to be said for experience. Good Luck and Stay Safe. I tried to find this place and was unsucessful. It was rather frustrating. Could someone please help me with directions. Thanks Crap, I just got what you were saying. I mean Leo like the lion, the zodiac, Alaska, you know capricorn, cancer, virgo, etc. Theo With a name like Theo the LEO you probably wont get responses : Ditto that.

Leo sounds a bit too much like LE. April already left and Helen is still there. Helen is cute, mid twenties, nice skin, free soapymassage Anchorage, very nice smile and friendly. She has some baby fat on the belly, not a true spinner but I liked the session, free soapymassage Anchorage.

Gave me a great massage. Connie is still there, giving massages only if others are busy. I was driving down Tudor the other day when I noticed a sign for "Therapeutic Massage" in a small shopping center on the north side of the road down near Minnesota.

There was a neon "OPEN" sign. Anyone have any info? Well, I was out and about so I drop in on the place to answer my own question. It is definitely an AMP. The girl that came out when I walked in recognized me.

Her name is Susan. She used to work at the Muldoon AMP and at a place called TLC. She is a very high quality AMP worker who I recommend highly. Very nice solid figure. The AMP is located at the corner of Tudor and Harrison. There is a simple sign saying "Therapeutic Massage". I agree with Cobalt on this one-see my previous post on "Choon"? Nice big tits and an amazing mouth-highly recommended. Easyrider Easyrider, that is not the same place I am talking about, free soapymassage Anchorage.

I read your old review and the place you are describing happy ending massage daytona baech Manchester, New Hampshire the AMP at Tudor and New Seward. The place I am talking about is much further west on Tudor almost to Minnesota.

She is Vietnamese not Korean. I will not go to the place at New Seward as I feel they are overpriced. Easyrider, that is not the same place I am talking about. I agree with Cobalt Blue, Alaska. She started at the Muldoon Northern lights massage place and later moved to the AMP on International. She left town for a while and looks like she is back. She is a fantastic masseuse and highly service oriented. Th only reason I quit seeing her because I got bored after seeing her so many times.

Those days, we had fewer options. LMAO Vitrea-All I could make out was Choon for her name. Take care and Stay Safe! Easyrider I stopped in at the new free soapymassage Anchorage on Tudor and met Susan. I really like her setup, very nice and cozy and comfortable. To me, Alaska, Susan looks every bit of forty, and she has a gentle, almost motherly look to her face, especially with her glasses on.

The massage was outstanding, free soapymassage Anchorage. Her body is shapely and rock solid, and I was completely satisfied. She worked extremely hard to make me happy, and the add on fee was very reasonable.

Overall, I highly recommend. When she asked how I heard about her I told her "a friend", and when pressed mumbled something about a website that some of us use. She said i was the fifth guy that day to mention a vague "friend".

It seems our little website has a very active following, and greatly influences which places are patronized. I saw the ad in the press and called them. Christine picked up and she spoke decent english.

Decent english generally means they have been around for a older provider. The place is clean and smelled nice. Please post if any one of you do try it out. Please PM if you do not want to post. I have seen both April and Helen there this month. Helen left and free soapymassage Anchorage was supposed to have been a new lady last week but when I was there Saturday in sounds like April is coming back instead this next weekend.

She was taking it easy earlier this month and letting April and Helen take turns with the clients, unless you request a particular lady. Vitrea, I agree with you about Helen, perhaps in her early thirties though. You should really give April a try, her English is pretty good and she is very upbeat and friendly. Alaska Manman, Thank you. Minor correction: April is the one that left, free soapymassage Anchorage.

Helen is still there and I saw her again. I agree with you re her age. Easyrider I thought April had left too, she said she might be back early next year though. There was no new lady there last Friday as I had expected by what Connie had told me, so I saw Helen again.

Her English is just so-so. I was unablr to confirm with Connie as she was busy but I do hope that it is true as Iwould love to be able to see April again. I am way out in the chain and hope to be back this weekend. Any suggestions for my first time? What happens when you enter the door? What time of the day is the best for the cutest massueses? I walked into the one on Tudor near the Highway on Sunday with a big wad of cash to burn. Nice place and layout, but the one young lady looked like a nightmare, the better looking one massage happy ending in lincoln nebraska North Charleston, South Carolina rude.

I Alaska up at the Day Break Spa on N. I wanted to try someplace new. They advertise in the Press and have been reported on in this forum but not for a while.

There were two ladies there, Alaska, Susie and Young or Yeung? She asked if I had been there before, free soapymassage Anchorage, etc.

I asked if anyone else was working and she said, Young and Alaska thought she meant a younger lady, but that is her name. Susie is a few inches taller and a little thinner. I ended up having a great time, she speaks great English and treated me really well. She even kept massaging me after the Alaska. I really enjoyed the experience.

There is a locked inner door to the lobby but there was another customer who came in right after I did, which may have shortened the sauna and table shower. Have anyof you out there. Vitrea - Yes it is. Alaska a bad place, just not a lot of options. Entered through the rear of the building, up the stairs, and the door to the suite was locked.

A happy time followed. Be safe, Magoo I thought April had left too, she said she might be back early next year though. I was unablr to confirm with Connie as she was busy but I do hope that Alaska penang massage spa happy ending Plano, Texas true as Iwould love to be able to see April and Helen at Mings as of a few days ago.

April was very customer oriented and friendly. I just saw April also. Both of them have a nice attitude. It seemed pretty busy, Connie had to turn away two of walk-up group of three and another drive up while I was waiting for April. It does help to call ahead. The new lady there is actually Say Say? She gives a great massage. It looks like it will be Connie, April and SaySay until just before Christmas. Say Say or Sei Sei?

She looks pretty good. I will be sure to report if I hear or see of her and am sure somebody else will do the same. I am off to see April again. Goos Luck and Stay Safe! Tina will be back in mid-January. Sa Sa is leaving this week to be replaced mid-week by Xu Xu Ju Ju. I got another great massage from April, which seem to get better each time as she gets to kow you. LuLu is gone for awhile, probably back to NY. Jenny is a more than adequate replacement. I kinda like it the way these girls switch out.

Am wondering if this JuJu at Mings is the same one that worked at Mings II for awhile. If so she is well worth a visit. From what I found out, this is not the same JuJu, but a new lady from Cali. Hit up Mings today. Great time all around. Worth the visit for the Alaska. By is not the same JuJu.

She knows about the other JuJu, her name is Xo Xo, which sounds Alaska close to JuJu. I suggested she try going by JoJo to help avoid confusion. She is going home in about a week. JoJo seems really nice and has worked all over the country and will be around until mid January, with another new lady to come in early January. I will be sure to get a massage from JoJo in January.

I will be down South for the Holidays. JoJo is from Hong Kong and seaks excellent English. I free soapymassage Anchorage forward to hearing from someone who has had her give them a massage. Next week and would like a TS and massage, but will probably visit Mings if no one has a good report, free soapymassage Anchorage. Thanks in advance and wish you all a Merry Christmas. Well I free soapymassage Anchorage saw a report on the OT so I stopped at Mings II, saw Jenny again got a great massage, she seemed a little distracted not really into any ineraction but all in all had a good visit.

And Tina will be back to take over for her - Who did you see Frank? Has anyone had a massage from JuJu yet? Mediocare massage but happy ending. Typical pricing for half hour and full hour, masseuse was really good. Looks like there is a steam sauna available as well. I tried her yesterday. Most people would describe her as "curvy", She is not fat. Hong kong good english.

Good massage where she uses her feet. It would be lot better if she had taken care of the cracked heels :- She tried to finish up before the hour. I did not complain this time because I was in a hurry too but I let free soapymassage Anchorage rknow that next time it needs to be a full hour. April and Helen are gone. Amy, another new girl, is there. I did not see her Went by Yins to see Lisa. The walking on my back was pretty nice.

Followed by a flip then HJ. Had a good enough time. I tried that place myself yesterday and had a similar experience. Masseuse was very nice, but massage ended with no extras offered.

A much nicer experience there. Pretty lady from Shanghai. Small tits, ass a little flat. HJ after the flip. Lisa was also there. Went to Mings the other day. She has a fairly nice bod. Little bit of fat around the edges, but was OK by me. Little bit of fat around the edges, but was OK by a chance to come into town and saw Amy as well. Was well worth the visit. I enjoyed the massage. Rushed, poor massage, no talent, free soapymassage Anchorage, would recommend avoiding.

Got the job done but service was lacking. Lame short massage then the flip. Will not repeat at this location. Shiz Yup, she sure is : Thanks for all the recommendations for Lu Lu. I saw here for the first time the other day and was very satisfied! This is the AMP on Tudor near MN.

Yup, she sure is Ok, lulu. After my exp on tudor I am not sure to dive in again unless the experience is many times better. Any hints for mingII good location would be appreciated. All I know for sure is no more tudor for me. Two thumbs up - PM for details. Easyrider Whats the current lineup at Mings, anyone know?

A couple others Alaska going there and being disappointed, Alaska, but I make the mistake of having to find out for myself. Ok massage, but short. Gal had big upstairs, but a fairly bulky everywhere to match, a bit too chunky for me overall. Worst was her attitude about being touched. Its probably a matter of time before the other places are visited by law enforcement.

She has ads up on CL, NNL and one here too :. I wanted a bit of a fetish experience, as opposed to a GFE, and she delivered. Fabulous experience, highly recommended. She is beautiful, Alaska, totally sensuous, very skilled, and also just a really nice, friendly person.

And a very reasonable donation. I had a great time and will definitely repeat. She told me that she was extending her visit through the end of this week.

Go see her while you can. PM me if you want more info. Thumbs down from me. I went there a couple times and I never got any "service" whatsoever, Alaska. DO NOT go here if you are looking for something other than a massage. Paid my first visit to Tropic Massage. Nice large natural rack on her, Alaska. Not that good looking. Went to CBJ then FS after the flip.

Overall experience was ehhh. Place smelled like an ashtray. Definite smell of heavy cigarette smoke in the place. Since I am going to ask a question, Alaska, I suppose I should say something about my very limited amp experience.

Walked through the door and found April. Came back a week later hoping to see her again but instead wound up with Sei Sei sp? Nice massage and pleasant experience, but April free soapymassage Anchorage absolutely special. I am sorry she is gone. Since Free soapymassage Anchorage is referred to so highly, I would like to see her.

Is she still here? That was the right place, right? Just behind the green building on Fireweed that used to house a photo developer? Tried the AMP off of Fireweed on Fairbanks I think. Nice rack, average body and looks, but made up for that with a great massage, and great time after the flip. She sincerely tried to do everything to please.

I had a great massage free soapymassage Anchorage Tina. She always does a great job. No clock watching, no arguing on the costs. Great experience, as always. Oh, she said Connie will be back in May. I hope April is back soon.

Tina is currently Alaska. There is also an older-looking woman there. Connie comes back in May. I believe the experienced looking lady aforementioned, was Jessica. She is experienced in the best ways and gave a very enjoyable deep tissue massage. Very nice and friendly afterward said she would be here for another two weeks. Stopped in and saw my ATF Lisa. I wish I could go there every day. Good deep massage with a walk on my back.

She sure can fill my need in more ways than one. I have enjoyed Tina but believe I will wait, but who knows I may stop by to give Jessica a try.

I hate having to "persude". Can someone please p. I will be posting soon about Day Break Spa, free soapymassage Anchorage. Last time I was there it was a good massage with a flip, no other extras offered. Hope to hear if thats changed or not. Not bad service there. Table shower is nice to.

I had a great visit there last week. I had seen Susie before and asked for her at the door. She was a fantastic young lady from California and was gone the next week never to return? It would be great to be more regular talent up here like her. This was my first four handed massage all the way through and it was fantastic.

I concentrated mainly on Susie but did enjoy the other lady as well. A nice thorough all over massage and nice table shower. I really want a real soapy massage without having to travel to Thailand, like I have seen on a soapymassage web site. Good Luck and Stay Safe!. Asian massage parlors are being targeted in particular. Iccy Thanks for the warning Iccycold. Susie at Day Break is away for a few weeks, leaving just the other one, whos name I forgot to ask when I stopped by.

She will only be around about another week or so. Good Luck and Stay Safe!!! Does anyone know if Lulu is still here, or has she changed out with Jeny? Thanks and be careful. She is a beauty! From the looks of it Tropic Massage on Tudor looks like it is gone.

Some kind of "spa" with a Japanese name. Is this the same Jenny as before? She looks great after her vacation. Jenny should be the same one as she and Lulu have been switching back and forth for a while now. Got a good massage and the extras were decent. Lisa was her name I think, Alaska, could be wrong.

Am going to go back to see what else is on the menu. She climbed up on top with nothing on. And gave great massage with her mouth. Stay safe and check six. Connie is back but not working yet. Original info by Alaska manman and confirmed in house.

Jessica and Tina are supposed to be gone but free soapymassage Anchorage volcano kept them here for a few days.

They are not working though. April and Nana new are here. I tried one for the team with Nana. Smiling face, late thirties, bit thick in the middle, nice attitude, good massage and is eager to please.

Not bad but will stick to April. Stay safe free soapymassage Anchorage check castingcouchteens.infosting read. Better comments on the accompanying blog.

I just saw the news and they had pictures of the two people that were arrested. Dang there must really be some lonely men out there.

Been a while since my last post. I Love Lamp Hey guys. It was pretty cool, but the balance of the service was way over priced with a failed negotiation to a reasonable level. I also went for the hot tub soak it was a solo soak, unfortunately. I sorta felt gypped.

I think they are run by the same folks. The one on Dimond is ok - there are Alaska ones in town. Yins in Spenard on Wisconsin is good but YMMV. I go there to see Lisa now and again. Avoid the one on Tudor near Minnesota. I got a rubdown from Vivian some time ago.

I got what I was after but I had to keep pressing the issue. The thing I liked the most was her big butt - kind of a fun change. Be careful and do make it home in one piece. Magoo Stopped over to see Jenny last night. Did not know that LuLu had come back and was in the second room doing a massage to another customer. We both broke out laughing.

After the customer left I asked Jenny if she would invite LuLu in after the flip. Was that a delight! I wish I could do that more often! I did a little recon today and got a bit of information about Osaka Spa. It definately is an AMP. And they have table showers. It is on the pricey side though.

The price put me off of giving it a try just now. If anyone decides to step up to the plate, please report. Stay safe and watch your six. That is just too much. It is not worth more money. If we give in to these prices they will all go up. The service is good at resonable prices. I will boycott any place that tries to jack the prices up. AMEN up in here! Intrigued by the TOFTT suggestions, I paid them a visit.

They did not want to negotiate the house fee. I complained and left. Probably not related, but enough for me to head to Mings. I met NaNa there. Does a pretty good massage, free soapymassage Anchorage. After the flip she asked what I wanted. Of the two currently working, Nana is more enthusiastic and more eager to please. April also speaks very good english. The OPEN sign at Tropic Massage is lit up again. Alaska in to see LuLu.

I had had a nice windfall come my way so I gave this deserving girl an extra tip up front. She expressed her gratitude in ways that left me breathless. Jenny is still there for awhile too. It is rare there are two girls working there at the same time. If you can swing it try two at a time. It will be memorable! Jenny gone for awhile from Mings II.

Had a visit last night that was most wonderful. The AMP is still closed. No one has changed the sign in the window. LE presence has been fairly heavy in Mt. View as of late. Stay safe and CHECK SIX. I had a great visit there Alaska Sunday with April.

All the ladies there are wonderful. I paid a visit to Caring Hands Massage today. It advertises inside the back page of the Anchorage Press, along with some other establishments we hold dear. When I called to set up the appointment, the woman on the phone had a heavy accent, so I just assumed she was Asian.

Cost was set at. She used the two-call system for our appointment. I arrived in the area on time. I figured she had another client there, so I popped over to the JC Penney furniture store to look around while waiting for her call. She called me back and gave me the final directions to her spot. Since I was so close, I was still on the phone with her when I pulled up to the building. She said to walk over to the door that was open, and I did, Alaska.

She greeted free soapymassage Anchorage at the door. The woman was not Asian. She appeared to be Latina, Alaska. In talking with her later I learned that she is originally from Venezuela. Not skinny, but not on the plump side either, free soapymassage Anchorage. She was dressed in jeans and a pull-over red shirt. The apartment looked as run down inside as it did outside, but it was clean.

There was a curtain separating the front and rear areas of the apartment. A standard massage table was in the front area, I could see a thing on the other side of the curtain, Alaska. It did make me nervous at first, but when she flipped the curtain back to get a sheet I got a quick look back there and it appeared to be clear, free soapymassage Anchorage.

I settled down after that. She had me undress and get up on the table. Then she draped the sheet over my lower half, from waist to feet. She asked if I prefered oil or cream. She began the massage with my legs, uncovering only the areas she was working. She moved to my back and shoulders and really gave them a good working over. Arms and neck were last. She had me flip over and propped up my head with a pillow.

Then she started again with my legs, and worked her way up to my neck and temples. She went really deep on the shoulders again also. She never worked on my chest, or my happy place for that matter. No extras of any kind offered or hinted at. But I must admit, my shoulders where bothering me a bit when I got there. And they felt great after she worked them over. So for Caring Hands. Look elsewhere for extras. I visited Yins last Friday, the one near the barrett.

And I got the happy ending handshake for another. AMP is open again. She was dressed in jeans and a breezy top, and wearing a straw cowboy hat. Both were moving real slow and looking too obvious as to what they were up free soapymassage Anchorage. It was pretty bright and clear out there. They both looked good though.

Where is the best AMP for a Sunday? I have not been able to find Mings II yet, either. Can someone PM me with better directions. Is there a phone or can you just knock on the door. I have seen an Free soapymassage Anchorage D. On a different note, saw a WSW at the Holiday on Spenard on Friday.

She made the right eye contact and ran her fingers through her hair. She was dressed in frumpy jeans and a baggy hoodie. Scraggly blond hair and smoking. I finished getting gas and drove on wishing she was cuter and a non-smoker who smells like a clean GF fresh out of the shower. One can hope, huh? I saw the "open" sign. I called the number on the window a few times and it is going to a wrong number, Alaska.

Is this just me or anyone else notice that? I went to the new amp at Bensen and C. Saw Judy the second time. She worked at the Dimond amp across from Costco. Much better looking very good massage. Both times they were the only girls there so the phone and. Stopped by VIP today and saw Judy. Excellent massage and looked good, but nothing else offered.

Not sure if I did something the massage was worth while. Very pleased and the rest of the day at work was a brezze, free soapymassage Anchorage. I stopped by the AMP on Fairbanks St. Yesterday and it is indeed open. The phone number on the window is from the days when it used to be called Best Massage. There are two OPEN signs on the front window, one electric and one plastic.

I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Vivian. I have seen her twice before, but that was some months ago. She seemed a little hesitant to let me in until she recognized me. She led me upstairs to the front massage room. I opted for the half-hour session busy day ahead for. Her technique has definitely improved, free soapymassage Anchorage. Not too soft, but not too rough either.

A nice, silky touch. Just the right amount of pressure to get down to the knots and kinks. We chatted a bit too. Her English is still a bit spotty, free soapymassage Anchorage, but I learned that she had gone back to China Toronto happy ending massage Honolulu, Hawai for three months.

She normally operates in New Jersey, but the AMP manager called to request her services here, Alaska. Chalk one up for Jimmy. Then came the flip. She started by massaging my dubai marina massage happy ending Mobile, Alabama, cheeks, temples, ears, and chin.

Then she stroked my chest and abdomen in circular motions with a feathery touch that really got my senses tingling before she showed Mr. Twisty the secret handshake. It really relieved the tension. After the cleanup she finished by working the front of my arms and legs. A very nice experience that I will definitely repeat. Might take an hour next time. Weyr would you mind pming me with the location.

The one across from costco. I believe April is on vacation. Anchorage Guy reported meeting Connie. Is Nana still there? I saw Jenny there and spoke to Connie, both much better choices in my opinion. I stopped in at Wellness Massage on Dimond Blvd across from the Costco the other day.

Shelly is still the provider there. Went for the half-hour at, free soapymassage Anchorage. As always, Shelly did an excellent job. With tip the total damage was. Not rail-skinny but not fat either as G. I think she is worth a visit. She is best friends with our April whom I am sad to report has moved on to greener pastures, Fairbanks, actually so if you run across her there she is definately worth spending some time with.

Being at the top of my list butDaybreak is ok. Its ok, not my fav tho. At the advice of another member here I went to see Shelly at the Wellness Massage on Dimond across from Costco. Sorry, but I cannot give anywhere near as enthusiastic a review.

She tries to give a good massage but I felt she fell far short. After the flip she goes quickly to a rather mechanical greasy hj that is quite rushed. She turned several times to look at the clock. That is all she offers. I was gonna Alaska see Jenny, free soapymassage Anchorage. It takes different types to please different people. Wrong on both counts.

Waited for a good ten minutes and that was with an appointment! Kim finally comes to my room. Between her complaining about how hard her work is. Taking a break to get some ice water, Alaska. Telling her dog, "mommy is busy now".

Worst massage I have got at an amp in years. Finally convince her that I am not leo. Waving the "wood" letting her know she has. She tries free soapymassage Anchorage disgusted guilt trip and wants me to dig deeper. That was the last straw. I gave her a good scolding and then some.

That was the funnest part of the session. But the staff sucks. Does anyone have any information on Tiffany who was working out of a nice residence in South Anchorage and advertised for upscale massage? Older, Blonde, nice body, Southern Accent. I met her years ago on a plane down to Seattle and have wondered free soapymassage Anchorage her ever since.

By the way, pass on OSAKA. Well boys I made it to the Tropic but when I knocked on the door "Soon" said they were closing early but she could slip me in-I declined, as I know what a rushed experience leads to. Normal rates, similar to Mings. Massage ok, nothing special though. Then halfway thru the other gal walked in, Alaska, said my hands were cold and started working on my arms while the other continued the leg massage.

This part was great, and I think the one who had been busy wears glasses was more skilled at massage. Tip was limited by this end to the story.

Called Mings to see who was there. New girl named "MiLisa" or something like that answered. I asked for Jenny. She said she was gone. I asked for Connie as I have seen here that she was around. So I go down there a half hour later. Connie was not there. This MiLisa practically tries to drag me into a room. I had to remove her hand from my shoulder. AMP women should be a bit humble and submissive in my opinion.

This chick came off as arrogant and desperate. I told her she was ugly and left. Mings is usually my fav place but this girl is definitely off my list. I suggest avoiding her. I guess it is owned by the same people who own the AMP on Dimond across from Costco.

I had a rather poor experience there but I thought I would give this place a shot as I did want to try someone new. The service was basically the same.

They must train each other in ways to give the poorest service possible. She says "no touch please" if you put your hand on her. She asked for more. I guess I should stick with those I know but I keep hoping for a new thrill.

Better luck next time, I guess. I dropped into Mings I the other day and got a massage from Connie. She really treats her "long time customers" very well, as do most of the other regulars. They do get a dud once in a while, though, as I and others have sadly experienced. Simply put, be polite, respectful, and tip well but not too much, eh? Magoo I had Melissa about a week ago as well. I did have the feeling that she was pushing to the finish so she could be done, Alaska.

Both times there was only one girl there, and she would answer the phone and door. To be fair she did go a little over on the time because of on guys let me enjoy my massage, free soapymassage Anchorage. The only thing I have gotten there was a HJ, but it was a great massage and I plan on going back. Free soapymassage Anchorage, also went to day break on NL.

The one on Tudor before minesota was okay but not as good. Can someone tell me where Mings II is? My visit then was interrupted by her constantly leaving the room and answering the phone. It has taken me six months for a return. I asked her if anyone else was working but she said only me. I give up calling. Calls get routed to a voice mail box. Appreciate a good number, free soapymassage Anchorage. Some years back I was "seeing" Connie and I hear that she is back.

If this is the same Connie. You need to contribute before anyone here will help you out. The full meal Alaska set me back. I saw Ruby, very cute. Paid a visit to Muldoon Massage on a tip from a buddy. Only one lady working. Ramma, I believe that was her name? Looks like she had a decent rack, C cup, borderline D cup, nice round ass.

Opted for the half hour for. No extras offered after the flip. A little surprised as my buddy had told me otherwise as he got the entire meal. Pretty good massage and zero extras. I saw Ruby as well. Opted for the half hour. Gave a decent massage. She allowed my hands to roam on her nice little ass, free soapymassage Anchorage, feeling and grabbing as she worked my shoulders and back. After the flip, she was a little tenative to look under the towel.

I proceeded with grabbing and massaging her breasts and she began the HJ, free soapymassage Anchorage. Tried to get more out of her. BJ, FS, to no avail. Maybe on the next trip. Visited Mings and had gotten Melisa and it was an ok massage egar to please but felt kinda rushed.

I like it when the girl actually puts effort into the massage then the willingness to to special extra attn. Be safe Jenny is back at Mings.

From what I could discern, free soapymassage Anchorage, LuLu will be leaving Mings II tonight and the girl from Mings, MiLisa will be the replacement at Mings II.

Jenny does not like working there because there are fewer customers. There is absolutely no advertising. With Jenny and LuLu switching out they do ok from repeat customers but this MiLisa gal is not gonna generate too many regulars.

Jenny at Mings gets my highest recommend. Be good to her! She is a jewel. Been out of the circuit for a while since work got Alaska the way. While her medium massage was still a little rough, Alaska, the turn and just before were great as usuall. Was trying to meet up with bunny love a few weeks ago but she was gone before i had the chance. What us with that? You got to remember, the "job" of these gals is to seperate you from your money!

I saw her last week and had a pretty good time. She pointed and asked me if I wanted more massage the answer of course free soapymassage Anchorage YES! She started a nice, unrushed HJ. The way she varied speed and pressure was very stimulating. After I popped, her hands kept working until I was completely drained and going soft. I also noticed an interesting feature about her. She has a longer than average tongue. She stuck her tongue out during the HJ and I actually gasped at how long it was.

She looked like she could almost touch the tip of her nose with it. I got the impression that a range of extras are available with her, depending on what you are willing to tip.

I saw Ramma at Muldoon Massage back in October. I went for the hour and got a pretty decent massage. On the flip she gave me a bit of a rubdown, then circled her hands and asked if I wanted "massage". I said yes, then she said, ". Little head was controlling the horizontal and the vertical by then, and I said, "OK". She gives a very nice HJ though. Overall it was a pleasant experience, though a bit on the pricey side with door and tip.

The full meal deal set me back out there. I know we all appreciate hearing about the new ladies out there so please be sure and add at least a little bit of a description of her. When I called Mings there was Jenny and Sophia working so I decided to stop by without an appointment. Was met by Jenny, who is great and asked who was working and she said her and the new lady, Sophia so I asked to say hello to Sophia. Not stick thin but not overweight.

Reminds me of Connie. A very nice lady with a nice touch and very willing to please. Her English is pretty good. Had a great visit. Yes, when I visited with Jenny over the weekend I did notice this new girl Sophia. She is a good looker with a beautiful smile. I was tempted to give her a go but I had already set up an appointment with Jenny happy ending massage richmond Daly City, California I felt a bit obligated.

She sounds like a good worker, free soapymassage Anchorage. It would be even better to try Jenny and her at the same time but sometimes my fantasies exceed the capabilities of my wallet. I had the samr thought after my visit with Sophia as I have experience Jenny as well. Wow, if money were no object!!!

Anyone have any informatio on the place on old seward just north of Dimond? Is the massage any good? The second visit was infinitely better! She was just as adorable but more receptive to extras this trip. The massage was good, not great and the secret handshake was pretty good much better than nothing!

Went back to MII after a couple of months of not going. Saw Lulu - dependable, reliable, predictable, but got the job done. With the slowdown on CL needed some kinda release. Hey the Open sign is back on at the Tropic-anyone had a massage here lately from Kay? After being a regular in Philadelphia, I came to Alaska for the summer and had my first AMP experience in Anchorage at Mings a week ago.

MiLisa was a bit chunky and Sophia was very thin. I like a little bit of hips so I decided to go with MiLisa. Finished in Mish and grabbed a shower and got out. I went to Mings today, Connie free soapymassage Anchorage Jane-ee? I saw Jane-ee typical Mings experience, but that is why I go there. It was signed by Liu-Liu, so I assume Liu-Liu is still working.

A quick tour of the streets, Spenard, Fairview, and Mt. First of all, the half hour for. No reason to pay the extra. If you tip, you will get all the time you need. You probably could have gotten it for.

Mings is huge on goodwill. If you are polite, clean, and respectful, your. There is no big "open sign". My first time I just knocked on the door, and was prepared to say "oops, wrong address". You will know if you find it. I lost it and I do not want to drive there to check out the line up. If I post in an area, the mongering was great! They are Alaska little unpredictable here, unlike my ventures in So Cal back in Jan.

Anyways, I will make another post in the Street report for that one. So to get back onto the topic here. A lot of Mixed reviews about Lulu. Since there are just as many downward reviews about her, I decided not to bother trying to find her.

Start out by saying, I got there on a busy time toward the end of the day, and they actually had to turn the "Open" light off when I showed up.

As I sat there waiting, Alaska, Connie when back to the Alaska room, I believe upstairs. The TV was a little loud, but no worries. I then Alaska to hear heavy moaning coming from the massage room. A few minuets later, Is there any place in the twin cities for a woman to receive a massage with a happy ending Mancheste see the light turn on from under the door.

Connie free soapymassage Anchorage down and free soapymassage Anchorage me to a back room to hide me from the other client as so we did not cross paths.

After he left, the girls were discussing me, in Korean. They asked me which gal I would like I told them it was up to them. Janey took me and offered her services. Once in the Alaska, I paid her for an hour.

Truth be told, I really needed a good massage, and she gave it Alaska me. On the flip, she then began light circles around my chest, sliding her hand down and slowly teased my junk. Then she started free soapymassage Anchorage my nips. That was when I stopped her to begin the negotiation process.

Free soapymassage Anchorage, Alaska - knows there

Some years back I was "seeing" Connie and I hear that she is back. Skipped the first part of SBLI and monger... She allowed my hands to roam on her nice little ass, feeling and grabbing as she worked my shoulders and back. I asked for Jenny. Hope to hear if thats changed or not. She is Vietnamese not Korean. free soapymassage Anchorage, Alaska