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Chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent, Washington

chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent, Washington

this place isn't the happy ending sorta place. SL4 SL5 Washington St. @ Essex St. 0.10 mi Orange Chinatown Chinatown Massage Boston ;.
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and that was the end of my first Chinatown Massage. It was a happy ending after all. Yep, I went there. 39 thoughts on “ My Secret Chinatown Massage ”. Our Miss Brooks: Connie's New Job Offer / Heat Wave / English Test / Weekend at Crystal Lake

It had been a long day, and an even longer week. I picked up my nephew and mother and we embarked on a mission to find the Perfect Christmas Tree. My chiropractor was out of the office for the next two days. I allowed my mind to become a blank, white slate…but ghost-me kept wandering behind me and massaging my own back in spirit.

Finally exasperated and cranky-as-hell, I remembered a place I was reading about on Yelp. It was in Chinatown. It is the kind of place I would usually never give a second thought except for the LMT-obligatory haughty little eye-roll as I drove by. Sitting at dinner, chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent, with miniature misery brewing in my rhomboids, I began to scan the Yelp reviews and photos again on my phone. As I pulled up to the establishment I was a little nervous.

I walked up to the tinted store front. Well, he certainly looked happy to be here, how bad could chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent be?

It must be a sign from [insert deity of choice]…I must flee. She put me at ease pretty instantly. As she ushered me inside, I asked her if they had time to fit me in. Through a series of hand gestures, body language and a sliver of hope I indicated that I would like an hour and my problem areas.

She promptly ushered me into a semi-private, curtained area and sat me down in a large recliner lined with pillows and draped with white towels. She then placed a large bucket under my feet, lined it with a plastic bag, and poured in some sort of hot steamy tea concoction that smelled divine. She then poured me some jasmine tea to drink and pointed to a bowl of jolly ranchers on the table.

The combination was delicious. As I soaked my feet, my body finally began to relax and I took in my surroundings. I was in a small room with two of these recliners, Washington, a small table and a clock. The decor both in the lobby and in the rooms was very massage-parlor-esque.

Lots of red and gold, too dim. I really felt like they were making a mistake with that. But then, who was I to judge…I asked myself as my feet slowly sank more deeply into the swirling tea and my body sank more deeply into the recliner.

The piped-in music was nice. I had one more brief moment of panic…then realized my feet were in the tea, it was too late…and I had better enjoy this to the fullest. I popped in jolly rancher number two. Then I noticed the sounds. A man poked his head in and introduced himself as the person doing my massage, saying chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent he would be back in shortly.

He proceeded to massage my scalp with some sort of lightly scented lotion that smelled good enough to eat. Like coconuts, flowers and happy. I found his blatant disregard for the basics of massage chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent endearing. He did it all wrong — and it felt great! He massaged my scalp, ears, forehead and jaw rapidly and brazenly, with confidence bordering on reckless abandon, Washington.

As he moved to my neck, Washington, he continued with the same rapid motions, gliding quickly over tense areas and trigger points, moving down to massage my arms and pecs over my clothing. He gave me a fantastic hand massage, squeezing deeply and kneading gently. It was exactly what these tired hands were craving. As he moved on to my feet and lower legs, I have to say compared to the rest of the massage the foot work was a bit lackluster.

Most of my MTs have reflexology training and work feet well. There was a little too much knuckle gliding going on and not enough kneading or pinpoint pressure…however, this may be a personal preference of mine. He removed some of the pillows and reclined the chair to a flat position, and to my surprise there was a little face-hole in the upper portion of the seat back.

I tried to position myself in a comfortable manner, but that chair is heretofore known as a monstrosity and an affront to massage ergonomics. So I was face down, and here is where it gets interesting. The back massage was just awful. Not extremely painful, but he continually pressed deeply into my spinous processes. I kept asking him to lighten up and redirect him, but he seemed not to understand me.

I felt like I was being massaged by naugthy massage Sterling Heights, Michigan of those homedics shiatsu massage cushions…only with no off button. The LMT in me was especially annoyed, Washington, because I have scoliosis, Washington.

He probably did not have anatomical training and was as confused as I was frustrated. Ok, ok…all is forgiven… He thanked me and asked me to meet him up front when I was ready to pay and gave me a business chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent with his name written in, to request him the next time I come. After I left, I felt much better and slept well. It took care of my immediate pain and gave me some reprieve. I loved this article! I felt an odd sense of guilt deciding to go there — but I thought human touch is human touch, and gave it a try.

I felt like I was there experiencing this! As your feet were in the tea, and you were having your scalp massaged, I actually felt myself relaxing! I did enjoy this post. Most of us are too chicken to try chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent places out.

I still worry about people getting injured, but sounds like for the most part discomfort is the worst one might be experience. Yah, it might be possible for someone to get injured under the wrong circumstances. When I went for my most recent Chinatown foot massage visit, I asked them to spend the whole hour on my feet. It was the best decision I made all day.

Awww… I feel your pain! You are a good writer. I good see it unfolding as I read it. Im surprised its legit in your area. In my area no license no massage business. Police are cracking down on massage parlors here. They offer foot massages and have licenses. Too scary no thanks! All in all a funny story thankyou! The Next Generation of Massage Bloggers. Skip to primary content Home About Us. My Secret Chinatown Massage. Share this: Share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on LinkedIn Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window.

About Ariana La Cour. She is a full time licensed massage therapist who runs her own small mobile massage company, is a part time massage blogger, runs the Las Vegas Massage Therapy Meetup Group, and is an aspiring author. She is a sucker for bouquets of newly sharpened pencils. You know chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent you are. I have scoliosis too and a Harrington rod attached to my spine so I only trust my osteopath with my back….

At least you supported an independent local business — you should offer them some business and marketing coaching. If he only knew what your thoughts are:. A touch is a touch. Soft, gentle touches are relaxing and is often exactly what we need. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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chinatown boston massage happy ending Kent, Washington