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Wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas, Nevada

wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas, Nevada

Las vegas massage with happy ending. Asian Massage With Happy Ending For Big Black Cock Asian Flat Chested Asian Girl Gets A Happy Ending Massage Asian.
of the most taboo topics in Las Vegas. Massage Parlors seem to is the “ happy ending ”. This is not Nevada prisons are overfilled and they.
A great value in Las Vegas. I had a relaxing massage We are a husband and wife couples massage The Husband and Wife Licensed Mobile Massage Therapy Team.

Wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas, Nevada - Get

Kris then started back at her head and neck and I made Kris another drink which he drank all at once and went back to work on my wife with out missing a beat. I Suspected And I Saw, That Slut! Mark told me he would text me when he was downstairs the next day so I could let them up. I watched his face as that feeling washed over him when her mouth went onto his cock where mine had been moments before. We licked each other in every combination possible. FEELS GOOD

You do it right. Slow and building the energy up. I would like to hear how she massaged you., wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas. That was a very erotic story and had me erect before i finished reading it all. Thanks for sharing, : Fabulous, well written story! My wife would love this. She has had numerous sensual massages at the hands of other men, but none as well done as you describe.

That would be wonderful. Do you ever get to the central or central east coast of Florida. Send me a private message if you would.

Keep me logged in. For better site performance, please update your browser to the newest version:. I My Wife Is Getting Full Body Massage By A Male Masseur. Traveling on business I enjoy giving massage instead of watching TV on those lonely evenings, and have found this is a great way to meet sexy women. When visiting Vegas on business I placed an ad on CL as a masseur for women or couples.

One of the responses was from a married couple looking to trade massages with another couple. The husband, Bill, replied to my message. After emailing my picture, they asked me to come over to their hotel so I could give Sharon a massage. When knocking on their Nevada a man very similar to me opened the door. We greeted one another and Sharon was standing there and introduced herself. She was a MILF worthy of a Playboy centerfold! After greetings, she told me she wanted to receive a massage from me, and then wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas would give me a massage.

She wanted a straight massage, and to then turn it an erotic one. She said that she would not allow oral sex on her, nor would she give oral to me, and there was to be no penetration with my penis. Those were things she would do only with Bill, and no one else.

However, did she want a highly erotic and sexual massage. Bill would be there to watch and would not participate. Sharon said she loved the written desc ription of my massage, and hoped I was as good as my ad said I was. I told her all was fine by me, and excused then myself to the bathroom to wash my hands with warm water. She laid herself out, totally nude on the big king-sized bed, while Bill sat at the head of the bed, positioned for a good view. When she was comfy on the bed, face down; Wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas poured some of the non-scented almond oil I use for massage onto my hands, and then rubbed them together to make it pleasantly warm.

She shivered slightly as my hands gently caressed her back, my hands and the oil warming her. I rubbed her back, then sides, in long slow gentle strokes, and then deeper with ever more pressure as her well muscled shoulders began to loosen.

Her back and shoulders were quite muscular, I kneaded them over and over again, applying ever more pressure, which she loved and let me know by moaning with pleasure. I took her arm, and placed her hand between my legs, stretched and rub her arms and shoulders. She could feel the bulge in my shorts as I worked slowly down her arms, shoulders, back. I caress her tight butt and pulled on each cheek slowly and deliberately while rocking her gently from side to side.

She liked it because she spread her legs a little more, and started and moving her butt in the direction of my hands.

Just when it seemed she wanted me to explore further between her legs, wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas, I stopped massaging her butt. Then began working my way down to her feet, rubbing each one firmly in long slow strokes. Then give attention to each of her toes. Then, kneeling at her side, I started rubbing her inner thighs with pulling strokes, alternating one hand with the other, working right up to the cleft between her legs, almost, but not quite touching her labia.

She started to gasp, and then turned around a little, raising her head. Watch him do that! This is the way I want to be massaged by you. Needless to say, that was most encouraging to me. I told happy ending massage parlor San Angelo, Texas that it was standing in attention to her honor. Sharon and Bill both chuckled. I then worked the other inner thigh the same way.

She spread her legs ever wider. I kept lightly stroking her outer lips, around and around, varying intensity and speed, taking a lot of time, building her desire. She began to gasp, quiver and moan and spreading and arching even more. Then I slowly pulled out and away. Touched her thighs just ever so lightly with two fingers, a very light ticking drumming action starting at her groin, down the inside of her leg, back up the outside of her leg, waist, shoulder, neck, Nevada, ears, and down the other side.

She kept moaning and telling me how good it felt. She said she felt like my hands were charged with electricity; the little hairs on her arms were standing up. Then, I asked her to turn over.

She quickly did so. Remember what you just saw. I then began to massage her front. She had well developed pectorals, and lovely and substantial natural breasts. I massaged her chest muscles, then her breasts, in a circular motion from out to in, finishing with gently pinching her now nipples, making them stand up erect. I asked her of I could kiss her nipples, she enthusiastically agreed.

I massaged them with my tongue, taking them into my mouth, sucking on them. While enjoying her breasts I allowed my hands to wander across her tummy and pubic mound. She responded by arching her back, spreading her legs for better access. I found her clitoris and began ticking and teasing it with my fingers. I did so and again found her G-spot, rubbing by middle finger against it with the come hither move.

This really got her going; she began to thrash and arch, humping my hand. I was thrusting my fingers in her so deep, I could feel her cervix. In the after-glow Bill held her hand, and I just sat on the bed smiling at her. She then told me that I had certainly lived up to my billing. She said I had written a hot story about how good my massage was, but the real thing was even better than she had imagined, and now it was her to massage me.

Just let happy ending at sunny massage nashville Louisville, Kentucky tell you, I have never had an experience like the one she gave me while Bill watched, but that is another story.

Thanks for sharing, :. Fabulous, well written story! More People Who Their Wife Is Getting Full Body Massage By Male Masseurs.

wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas, Nevada

Wife get happy ending massage with big covk masseuse stories Las Vegas, Nevada - must

I had now just got my first taste of cum and she was not letting me stop. Here are some of the things I have shared during sessions:. After about two weeks on the net asking hundreds of questions, and searching through many yahoo groups. Finally I finish this part of the massage by caressing the inner areas of her ass cheeks and the outer areas of her ass hole. They take cards and cash so that was nice...